NorSask Forest Products



Trees & Markets

NorSask manufactures SPF stud lumber from white spruce, jack pine, and balsam fir coniferous trees, sourced from over 5 million hectares of the boreal forest in north west and north central Saskatchewan. NorSask is a 50% owner of Mistik Management Ltd. which holds the Forest Management License Agreement with the Province of Saskatchewan. NorSask has exclusive rights to all coniferous trees on the Mistik FMA area. Secondly, NorSask holds a 175,000 m3 sawlog allocation on the Prince Albert FMA area and is a 1/8th Shareholder of Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. NorSask also holds commercial arrangements with various 3rd party stakeholders, including Aboriginal stakeholders, for sourcing fibre for the mill.

NorSask currently exports 70% of its production to the United States, with lumber destined to locations as far south as Texas and east to Florida. The remaining 30% is marketed and sold in Canada, primarily in the prairie provinces.

Grading and Certification

All lumber graded at NorSask Forest Products is regulated by the Central Forest Products Association (CFPA). CFPA is accredited by the Canadian Lumber Standards accreditation board (CLSAB) and the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) to monitor the lumber grading under the CFPA grade mark. The CFPA uses the National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) grading rules to monitor its members.