NorSask Forest Products

Community Benefits

Annually, the partnership of NorSask, Mistik and Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp generates millions of dollars in economic activity through employment alone. MLTC reinvests a portion of the profits earned as NorSask dividends. These profits fund improvements equally across our nine First Nations shareholder communities.

The spin-off effects from our operations have been significant. Through Mistik we have established on-going relationships with dozens of self-supporting businesses. In many cases, members of First Nations have been provided with financial and management support in establishing and sustaining their own contracting businesses. Meadow Lake Tribal Council takes pride in these accomplishments.

Traditionally forestry played a minor, complementary role in the economy of Meadow Lake, a service centre for agriculture in northwestern Saskatchewan. The stability of the partners’ operations has contributed to diversification of the local and regional economies. During the severe agricultural crisis which affected Saskatchewan during the later 1980s for example, Meadow Lake experienced expansion. (Source: Jackson and DiGiacomo of the Centre for the Study of Training, Investment and Economic Restructuring, Carleton University, 1997.)