NorSask Forest Products

Why Choose NorSask?

Consistent quality lumber

Contractors know that the first stud off the lift will be the same quality as the last. That consistency makes their job a whole lot easier.

Saskatchewan First Nations-owned

We’re 100% owned by the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. Our profits are reinvested by MLTC-RDI and support economic development, social programs, employment and infrastructure in the nine First Nations represented in the MLTC.

Responsible stewardship of the environment

Our forest management subsidiary, Mistik Management Limited, is certified to the highest standard in our industry and ensures that all lumber we receive is responsibly managed.

Unique forest management model

We’ve developed a unique forest management model that involves the local community in co-managing our forest resources. Co-management has been the key to our success.

Reliable sources of fibre

We have access to reliable sources of responsibly-managed wood fibre. Mistik Management is the perpetual licensee in a Forest Management Area that stretches over 1.8 million hectares. NorSask is also a one-eighth shareholder in Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. responsible for a Forest Management Area of 3.3 million hectares.

Operating since 1971

Our mill was established in 1971. We’ve been owned by MLTC since 1998 and in continuous operations since then, providing reliable jobs through many downturns in our industry. We currently employ about 75 full-time people in the mill itself.

Your business is extremely important to us and that’s how we treat it.