NorSask Forest Products


In 2011, MLTC-RDI developed a pilot project Pellet Plant adjacent to the NorSask site which is currently operating on a research and development scale producing up to 8 tons of conifer wood pellets per 8 hour shift.

Additionally in 2011, we installed 4 pilot heating projects including two district heating models in the communities of Canoe Lake Cree Nation and Island Lake First Nation by retrofitting boilers and heating systems to model European technologies and best practices.

Currently, our Northern communities are heavily reliant on costly propane and heating oil for heat in houses, schools, and band administration buildings. Our business model for wood pellets is unique in North America where rather than offering pellets to the open commodity market as our primary outlet, we will look within to become an internal utility alternative to our member First Nations by selling heating systems and renewable fuel for significantly less than current fossil fuel costs today.

Pellet heat is a renewable energy source that provides communities with high BTU output, low ash, low emissions, and low maintenance reliable heat.

As a pilot scale facility, the NorSask pellet mill only produces small volumes that are being consumed locally in Saskatchewan, Canada. Though the company is currently exploring the viability of expanding to a larger commercial scale facility, there are no immediate plans to expand into international markets.