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August 14, 2012 - NorSask Forest Products Announce Capital Investment in Meadow Lake Sawmill

[Meadow Lake, SK] August 14, 2012 – NorSask Forest Products announced today that the company will be proceeding with a capital improvement project in its planer mill operations totaling $3.5 million. This investment represents the first major phase of a multi-year capital investment program, intended to enhance productivity and cost performance at NorSask Forest Products.

For this phase of investment, NorSask Forest Products is pleased to be working with Wolftek Industries Inc., Carbotech International, and VAB Solutions as major equipment vendors for the project which will include a lineal grade optimizer, trimsaws, and a high speed mainline end stacker.

“This project reinforces NorSask’s commitment to a sustainable long term operation in the Province of Saskatchewan and enhances our productivity and competitiveness on a global scale.” – Trevor Reid, President & CEO

This news release comes on the heels of a recently announced development of an environmentally sustainable biomass power generation project by Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

NorSask Forest Products is a 100% owned subsidiary of MLTC Resource Development and currently employs 86 full time employees.