NorSask Forest Products

Corporate Profile

NorSask Forest Products operates in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan and is owned by the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC). It is one of the largest First Nations-owned sawmills in Canada. The profits of MLTC-RDI support economic development, social programs, employment and infrastructure in the nine First Nations communities represented in MLTC.

Our sawmill is one of the few First Nations-owned sawmills in the world and we have remained in continuous production, offering reliable employment, through many downturns in our industry. We currently employ roughly 100 full-time people in the mill alone.

We produce high-quality SPF (spruce, pine, fir) stud lumber sold in Canada, the United States and overseas. The site consists of a sawmill with three log breakdown lines, a wood yard, and four dry kilns. The mill’s production capacity is currently¬†in excess of 100 million board feet of lumber annually, enough to frame over ten thousand 2,000 sq ft homes.

Through our forest management arm, Mistik Management Ltd, we sustainably manage 1.8 million hectares of boreal forest and we are committed to stewardship of the environment. Mistik is the licensee in a perpetual forest management agreement with the Province of Saskatchewan and is certified to the standard of the Forest Stewardship Council. For more information about Mistik’s certifications and services to us, please visit

NorSask is committed to maintaining its success for the long term benefit of its First Nations shareholders.